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Cloak of Mirroring - Golden Glow Animation


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Hey all.


At one point in time i had a mod installed that replaced the animation from the Cloak of Mirroring and Spell Trap, with a nice, translucent golden glowing spheroid. I want to find it again but i cant :p All the mods either remove the effect altogether or have a smaller blue glowing spheroid, which i dont really like.


Any ideas? Cheers:)

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Thanks for the replies guys, i forgot where i posted this thread :p Is there any way to extract only that portion of 1PP and use it? Or in fact, is there anyway to install 1PP WITHOUT the paperdolls? I like the rest of 1PP, but just not the paperdolls - i prefer the BG2 ones :p

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Yeah, you can. Open up the .tp2 and go to the spot where animations are being copied over to the override. Delete all the paperdoll animations from the copy list, then install the mod as normal. Alternately, you can just move whatever animations you want over to the override, yourself, but it's probably easier to just edit the tp2.

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