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BG1Tutu Fixpack Released!


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The Fixpack for BG1Tutu has been released! The Tutu Fixpack is designed to remedy issues with BG1tutu which remained unresolvedin the latest core release.


The pack is divided into three distinct components:

- Core Bugfixes: This component resolves bugs in the game, but does not make any changes which are subjective or not justifiable given BG1tutu's nature as a strict conversion.

- Rebalanced Familiars: This component adjust the hit points of familiars to be more appropriate for BG1 level characters (or, at least, in SimDing0's opinion). Each familiar now has only 12 hit points, instead of 24, meaning that a bonus of 6 is granted to mages upon summoning.

- Summoning Cap Removal: True to BG1, this component removes the summoning cap from the game. However, it remains a separate component due to the controversial balancing issues it introduces.


The list of core bugfixes is as follows:

- XP loss on starting a new game now less visible.

- XP cap becomes that of BG1.

- Missing Gorion line restored.

- Bhaalspawn abilities displayed correctly. (Ghrey)

- Player is no longer visible in Gorion's death cutscene at 1024x768.

- Dream and override scripts assigned to all NPCs correctly. (Andyr)

- Snares now work.

- Final save may no longer crash. (Ghrey)

- Weapon breakage is in. (CamDawg)

- Starting hit points are no longer such a disaster. (Ghrey)

- End movie will play successfully. (Ghrey)

- Wand of Frost uses a nice projectile and has a sensible description.

- Drizzt does not attack gnolls until player nearby.

- Faldorn's "Summon Dread Wolf" no longer crashes the game.

- Tiax's "Summon Ghast" summons a Ghast instead of a skeleton.


Some bugs have not yet been fixed in this version, but should be in a later release:

- Spawn points work appallingly badly.


Please note that this is currently a beta version, which means it may not have been fully tested. Please report any issues on the forum, where they will be rapidly remedied.


Head over to Pocket Plane Group for information and download links.


Please report any bugs on the forum.

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