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Welcome to G3.


I've coded a couple of new kits and made a few changes to existing stuff--I hope to get working on this again soon now Unfinished Business v15 has been released. If I don't manage to get all the things I wanted to do coded soon then I might release v2 as-is, since it has been a while since the inital release.

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A repost from the mod workroom of changes:


- Give Adventurer a save bonus

- Bard spell progression at high levels (NiGHTMARE)

- Dirgesinger song progression

- Change Raoul's spawns to EXTEND_BOTTOMs instead of TOPs, as it can interfere with fog-of-war clearance

- Add Raoul's exact coordinates to ReadMe.

- Tweak Bardic Leather +1 unidentified description.

- Tweak Bardic Chain price (it is too cheap).

- Tweak Gypsy song- save starts out as +2

- Adventurer kit checks for NPCKit version and will use this version if present

- Items component no longer needs the first component.

- Added Shadowdancer thief kit.

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