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compatibility with Ease of Use Mod?

Guest penguin

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Guest penguin

I'm sorry if this has already been covered, but I was looking through WeiDu's Ease of Use mod, and I was wondering if DR was compatible with the Shapeshifter rebalance in it. Here's the excerpt from the readme.



Shapeshifter Rebalancing


This makes Shapeshifters less of a joke. You might even be tempted to have

Cernd in your party now. Well, let's not go overboard. Anyway, this fixes

the bug where the Shapeshifter's paws could be dispelled and then any

weapon could be put in their place. That exploit essentially gave you 2

extra attacks with whatever you wanted, plus all the werewolf powers.


Shapeshifter abilities now create "symbolic paws". When you wield one you

turn into a Werewolf, when you remove it you're human again. No possible

exploits, and you may choose whether to put the paw in your on-hand or

off-hand. Since your off-hand THAC0 as a pure druid is, shall we say,

sub-optimal, I recommend the on-hand.


This also fixes a "bug" where attributes of the CRE file for "PC

polymorphed into a Werewolf" were not actually given to the PC by the

Polymorph opcode. Normal Werewolf:


  You Were Supposed To Get              You Actually Got

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Base Magic Res 20%                    Magic Res *LOCKED AT* 20%

  Immunity to Normal Weapons            Nothing

  Paw = 1d12 slashing                  Paw = 1d6 piercing


For the Greater Werewolf ...


  You Were Supposed To Get              You Actually Got

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  THAC0 6                              Nothing

  Saves 1/1/1/2/1                      Nothing

  Base Elemental Res 50%                Elemental Res *LOCKED AT* 50%

  Base Magic Res 40%                    Magic Res *LOCKED AT* 40%

  Immunity to Normal Weapons            Nothing

  Paw = +3 Weapon                      Paw = +2 Weapon

  Paw = 2d8 slashing                    Paw = 1d6 piercing

  Regeneration 3 HP / second            Nothing


To see this for yourself, check out werewodr.cre, weregrdr.cre, brbrp.itm,



The "Rebalancing" gives a Greater Werewolf Shapeshifter the +7 HP per Level

due to a fighter with 25 CON (before you just got +2). Most importantly,

Shapeshifters may now cast spells while in Wolf form. Hey, they're supposed

to have dedicated their lives to controlling lycanthropy. I'm sure a little

fur won't mess up their communion with nature. Yuan Ti, Githyanki,

Sahuagin, they can all cast spells. Why not wolfmen?


In addition, the Druid spell choices were a bit weak in some areas, so some

Priest-only spells were made Priest-Druid: Sanctuary (sylvan sanctuaries

abound), Chant (they got Bless, why not Chant?), Zone of Sweet Air (sounds

nature-y to me!), Glyph of Warding (no excuse, but they need a damaging

spell here that isn't Call Lightning), Righteous Magic (listen to Jaheira

for a while and tell me she's not Righteous ... more importantly, if

they're going to tank around they need some extra help).


Finally, 99% of all sixth-level druid spell slots go to "Summon Fire

Elemental". You can get a 24 hit dice monster with +4 claws that lasts for

hours with that spell. It's so much better than the 7th level "Summon Earth

Elemental" that it isn't funny. The other 6th-level summons just don't come

close. To give you some actual choices, "Conjure Animals" has been changed

to summon two 20 HD Greater Bearweres (they're like Greater Wolfweres).

However, the duration remains 4 turns. Do you want Fire Elementals forever,

or Mighty Big Tanks for a short time? You decide.


Near the bottom, you can see that a) werewolves can cast spells, b) druid and cleric spells were changed. So I was wondering if there are any problems with this and DR. Thanks much.

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Sorry for missing this earlier. As of right now, shapeshifters will not have any spellcasting abilities if this component is installed after DR. If EoU (or Tweaks) is installed prior to DR, everything should work fine. The next version of Tweaks (v3) will address this.

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