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Any BG2 Shar-Teel projects going on?


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I remember reading somewhere that Cliffette who was part of the team that created the very enjoyable Shar-Teel romance in BG1 NPC Project was working on bringing Shar-Teel to BG2. Does anyone have any news on that project?


Also, I heard that Vlad was making a mod called Never Ending Journey to bring Shar-Teel and other BG1 NPCs to BG2. I tried to visit his website at http://blackwyrmlair.net/ for more details but it seems to be down. Has anyone tried this mod?


I also heard that there is a German Shar-Teel mod for BG2 out there, MajorTomSawyer tried to translate it but unfortunately he couldn't get a hold of the mod's creator to ask him/her some questions.

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Cliffette's project had long been in a dormant state, so unfortunately I doubt that it will be released in a foreseeable future.


Any info on Vlad's projects is better asked on BWL, once it's back up (outages happen). Vlad's projects are generally much more complex than a regular NPC mod, and include a mix-and-match of new areas, complex installations and relatively liberal changes. There are sometimes a problem with incompatibility between his mods. I will not be quite comfortable advising to play one of his mods for the sake of getting only one NPC. You will probably be better of researching it on your own to see if you like the whole package that NEJ brings.


I don't know anything re German Shar-Teel, appart from that MTS worked on it.

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