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G3: Amber v1 Released

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The Gibberlings Three


This mod for Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn adds to the game a new joinable NPC: Amber, a tiefling rogue of a chaotic good alignment. As tieflings often do, she may initially appear withdrawn, suspicious and restless, but whoever manages to gain her trust will find much more beneath. Possessed of a natural curiosity - which has been both a blessing and a curse - she has learned much, but never enough to keep her out of trouble. Being neither a true extraplanar - she doesn't recall ever having visited any place outside the prime material plane - nor a true prime because of her heritage, she often feels caught somewhere between these two worlds. While she could never pass for a normal person on the prime, she also lacks the otherworldly grace of a seasoned planewalker, leaving her with a strong feeling of alienation wherever she is.


The mod features not only romance and friendship tracks for the protagonist, but also a romance track for a second PC in a multiplayer game (Player 2). This feature is also exploitable in a single player game if you want enjoy two concurrent romances without cheating. In addition, Amber is lavishly voiced and has her own original musical theme.

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