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Dream script for ToB?


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As per the title.


In SoA, there is Player1D.bcs. There're no dreams for ToB by default, so I understand there's no default file, like Play1D25.bcs or something? So what shall I do, if I want my PC to have a dream in ToB - in my mod? And of course, so it's compatible.

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Are you sure Player1D doesn't continue to work in ToB? When starting or moving to ToB, it's hard-coded to set the various "HadXDream" variables, so I've always assumed that Player1D.bcs continues to be evaluated, even from ToB (it's just that none of the blocks will ever be true, hence no dreams).


If this isn't the case, then I have no idea, sorry. Last ditch effort would be to use the Baldur25 script (or whatever it's named), I guess.

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