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The lover's ring quest

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Guest sentinel1228

I dont know if this has been reported before but in the sewers quest it is possible to drop the ring before you put the last item on the pipes and thus get lilarcor and pick the ring back up and then you can complete the lover's ring quest and get another lilarcor sword. Just thought i would report this to you . :D Great mod by the way. :)

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Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying the mod. It is my understanding that "having the ring and eating it too" will be sort of an 'unofficial' way. :) I'll see if there is a Global recording the ending of the Sewers' quest if I have a chance, but I am not overly keen on taking away people's guilty pleasures, lol.

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This relates to the quest so I'll post it here:


1. When talking to Quataris or Lady Jysstev I get the option about the ring twice, as options 2 and 3. Choosing either seems to work fine, but I noticed it and wasn't sure if it was mentioned. It could be because I have so many mods installed I don't really know.


2. After talking to the Knight Jyssev, the quest hasn't moved into done quests in the journal. Is that a known problem or is there more still to do?


3. Is it possible to get experience for the quest? You get some from the sword, it'd be nice to get it for doing it the nice way too.


4. Can I just dispose of the hand, blood and staff now? I shouldn't need them right?


Love the mod btw, keep up the great work!



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I use Grim's tutorial for Journal entries to erase journal entries in the quest. If it does not work, I am not sure how to go about it.


The options showing multiple times was something i thought I fixed, but I will have to check.


I can add a bit of XP in, but low; I am always wary about adding XP to the game.


As for other items, they can be safely thrown out. Ring is the focus point of the quest.

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