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P&P Spell Progression table vs Un-Nerfed THAC0 Tab


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Well, back to Baldur's Gate 2 after a long hiatus (work.. ugh).. and there's so many new and interesting mods around. My compliments on this mod, it's better to have one mod instead of installing 3. (And glad to be back, indeed....)


But down to the point, I went down to business installing this mod, and saw this (I think) mistake or thing that honestly doens't make much sense imho.


The Un-nerfed thac0 etc component of the mod has its own spell progressions 2da files. However, they are different from the P&P spell progression table, and in fact they yeald a lower amount of spells in most cases. Now the point could be rather moot, but it doesn't make much sense. Suppose I want to play a "totally unnerfed game", I cannot use both components together. In fact, since the Un-nerfed Thac0 etc component is installed after the P&P spell progression one, you're stuck with either using the P&P spell progression table ONLY (no unnerfing for the other things) OR using the un-nerfed thac0 etc component, thus not having the P&P spell progression tables (true, you still get more spells than usual, but not those tables).


I don't know if this was wanted or not, but a simple solution could be moving the P&P spell progression tables installation after the other component, thus letting you decide exactly what you want to use.


(And yes, I solved the problem by manually copying the 2da files)

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