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Companion of Eight mod


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it's a component of Check the Bodies. from the CtB readme:


The Company of Eight

- I made the original Company of Eight mod almost three years ago. That one was a quirky, buggy, piece of trite that actually surprised me. I still get folks who ask me for it, and so, I modified it extensively and made it part of Check the Bodies. Bigger, faster, and harder, join up with the Company as they take on the evil Cult of the Dragon.


- The more members of the Company that you can keep alive, the better you do at the end.


- I was proud of the Company's scripting in the original mod, and I'm proud of the scripting for the new Company. Sit back and watch them for some time, it's an enjoyable show.


- And like I said in the Readme for the original Company of Eight mod, "don't kill Sir John Johns (I mean that you Chaotic Evil Characters! DON'T KILL SIR JOHN JOHNS!)"


- N.B. The Company of Eight does not change the maximum number of party members.

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