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Minsc Banter Anomaly?


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Was just presented with this dialogue:


Minsc: Does pretty Branwen like my friend <CHARNAME>?


Branwen: Yes, good Minsc. 'Tis unfortunate you had a head injury, otherwise, I'm sure, many a maiden would fall for your might and muscle. In fact, I myself...


Then given these choices:


1- "I heard that, Branwen!"


2- "You yourself... what? Do continue."


3 - Remain Silent


I picked #2 and it "registered" as branwen's like so:


Branwen: You yourself... what? Do continue.


Branwen: 'Tis nothing. I cannot help but feel strongly for the great and gentle spirit crushed by a mere blow to the head. Do not hold my earlier words close to the heart, friend Minsc.


Minsc: Do not look sad, pretty Branwen. Minsc is happy with his head wound. If Minsc hadn't got wounded, he might never make friends with Boo, and Boo is a better companion than any girl, Boo tells Minsc.


This doesn't make sense. I this a bug? Pardon me if this has already been fixed; I'm still using v11.

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Sounds like a simple switch of banter: looking.....


As I see it in v12, the banter syntax is correct and should work with your character as a responder, so it must have been fixed already :)


(for lurking experts,

CHAIN IF ~~ THEN ~NPC~ statename

~ ~




+ EXTERN ~NPC~ chainstatename2

+ EXTERN ~NPC~ chainstatename2

+ EXTERN ~NPC~ chainstatename2


should have the player as responder, all responses then move on to a new chain, statename2)

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