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Bow updating

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I don't see the option for cespenar to upgrade the bow in TOB I did upgrade it in SOU. I assume you see the option to update the bow for X gold or so or another in game item, but I would get to hear which item from cespenar.


Also a side question does kivan say something after the master wraith showing his ex lover. He commented when she appeared but when defeated nothing is said, which is odd or is it just a small bug.

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Kivan's master-wraith is the same as BioWARE ones, who as far as I can recall don't say anything afterwards. But it had been some time. At any rate, Kivan does not say anything after MW is defeated. His next dialogue is with Nyalee if Tazok's heart subplot took place in SoA.


You need the Bowstring of Gond to update Kivan's bow in ToB. I'll add a line for Cespenar to pointing it out. Right now he reacts only if you have the bow and the string in the inventory already.

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