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avenger shapeshifts have normal weapons

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Maybe not a bug ( or is it? ), but it seems wrong that all 3 of the avengers shapeshifting forms have no weapon enchantment. This means they are pretty much useless vs most enemies. In contrast I think the regular animal forms have at least +2 and the werewolf forms have +2.

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Druids have three shapeshifts: brown bears (brbrp.itm) have enchantment 2, black bears 1, and wolves 1. The Avenger shapeshifts are on par:salamanders have enchantment 3, spiders 1, and wyverns 1. The problem is that a lot of the polymorph weapons are not flagged as magical. Added to beta 2, moving to archives.


Five items affected by this patch:


plybass.itm - fire salamander polymorph

plyfist.itm - unused

plymstar.itm - ogre polymorph

plysala.itm - fire salamander polymorph (Avenger)

plyspid.itm - spider polymorph

plywyvrn.itm - wyvern polymorph

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