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TeamBG's Weekly Modding Contest


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Hello, all, and welcome to TeamBG's Weekly Modding Contest. Once again we want to do something that engages modders and people who want to become modders by giving them a goal to work toward.


What is this goal, you may ask? The answer is two fold. (1) By having varied weekly modding contests, we hope to help people get into the fun and satisfying world of IE game modding. We hope to achieve this by not making the goals of the contests too difficult, rather making them interesting. (2) In the course of having these contests we will put together submissions into mod packs available for download by players. How would you like to have material in a mod pack that people will really get a chance to enjoy?


What better way for someone to get into modding than the old fashioned way we were doing it back in the early days of TeamBG, which was over 5 years ago now? Rather than focussing on large scale total conversions or large and complex game addins, let's go back to basics. There are some very interesting things a modder can do with a little research, a little work and a lot of imagination. At the heart of a fun adventure mod are these core components that delight and entertain the player.


Go here for details about this week's contest and instructions for participating. Good luck. :D



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