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Burying Gorion


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I asked the Gatekeeper to have someone come and get Gorion's body. When I picked up Gorion's letter, Imoen didn't start talking. Since I asked the Gatekeeper to bury Gorion is that supposed to happen? Just want to make sure.


Also, the Gatekeeper said that he'll "inform most high Ulrant". That should be Ulraunt.

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That is expected behavior; right now if Keeper buries Gorion, Imoen doen't comment on a body that isn't supposed to exist. Except you have identified two serious problems with this addition:


1. there is a scripting failure on my part; if the player chooses to have Gorion buried, then I need to set up an area script that destroys Gorion's body instead of trying to do it within the dialogue held in another different area. I will revisit and add a pathway that allows PC or PC/Imoen to approach the circle and have the body not be there.


2. I need to copy and edit a version of Imoen's comment on the scroll, scripted on the conditions that either PC or Keeper has already buried Gorion, reflecting that Gorion's body has been removed. Since Imoen's dialogue is triggered on picking up the scroll, I set most options on solo burial to skip past the dialogue; it is too important a character development dialogue to be skipped for any reason. I will try to set this up this weekend, and bribe Domi away from IWD2 long enough to make sure I am not destroying some pretty great character work.


Ulraunt reference fixed!

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OK, spent this morning on documentation and Gorion's Burial tweaks; Katerina, thanks to you and berelinde this one is definitely fixed for all pathways. I playtested myself, this time double-checking PID interactions (had to add an AreaCheckObject call and some PartyHasItem stuff, for those coders checking in!).


When the last alpha comes out on Monday, it would be great if you could check the various sequences out; spoiler information will (I hope) be html linked through the ReadMe.

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