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Multiple Romances

Guest FAB0L0US

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Guest FAB0L0US

I would like to think myself computer literate but this is all way out of my league so I figured if I went to the place where people actually know what they are doing, I can get some good anseers :)


Anyways, I am having a problem. I cant figure out how to get multiple romances to go in Throne of Bhaal.


I want to get all the romances done at once because I am not going to have the time to play this game multiple times. They are interesting and add depth to the game that otherwise would be sorely missing.


To set it up, I finished all the romances in SoA (with the Ease of Use mod I believe) and now I am in ToB and so far I think Aerie has the only active romance. Viconias romance is set to inactive (3) even after I changed it with Shadowmaker, it doesnt even recgonize a romance between Jaheria (also after I changed it with Shadowmaker) and my character, and Aeries is the only active romance (2). I found this all out with the CLUAConsole:GetGlobal(“[variable name]â€Â,â€ÂGLOBALâ€Â) command.


What gives? I cant figure out how to get them to activate and everything I do doesnt work. Any help on how to get them all to work would be much appreciated.


Also, I downloaded and inserted the number three script here into my Override folder and still nothing. Have tried manually editing it with CLUA, Shadowmaker, and with mods. I am stumped.


Please :)

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Guest FAB0L0US

Im sure yall arent exactly super interested but I got those scripts in right and now all their romances are active. I had to do the "(char)RomanceActive" set to 2 to get them set at active just to say.


So my question is, if their romances are active, will they start to talk to me sooner or later? Or do I have to force them to talk to me somehow with some CLUA code or something to get it started?


Any help appreciated.

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To tell you the truth, I just have absolutely no idea. I know that in BG2-SoA Multiple Romances mess with quests and dialogues badly; Sabre's original version (as well as the newer versions) all come with warnings about the probability of messing up quests and dialogues. I am not familiar enough with the TOB portion to say what would happen.


I do know that if the romance variable is active and other conditions are met, a talk will trigger,so my guess is that you just continue playing and someone will start being all interested and up in your grill relatively soon.


and your finding all of the romances shut down after finishing SoA makes me think that perhaps TOB has a script that shuts down other romances... but I'm guessing here, too.

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