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Effect 126, 176 and 163


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I've been trying to get a handle for how speed modifiers work.


I made spells to set speed modifiers of -5 and -2, using effect 126, after reading about the 126/176 stuff in the IESDP I decided to switch to 176.


So, then I try testing with my armors still set to 126, and my character (a halfling) with the 176 -2.


The ring of Free action does not affect the 126 at all, it seems; since it includes a set movement rate 100% (126) effect, I think that explains the off interaction between standard boots of speed and the ring of free action.


If you have a Ring of Free Action on, putting on an effect 126, though, is prevented. This is because it has an immunity to effect 126 built in.


Still, it's best to use the 176, I think, for both my armor and my racial speeds - it should stop most items from accientally keeping armor from slowing my characters. I think I will leave boots of speed using effect 126.


But anyway, 163 by itself does not seem to affect 126 or 176 ( at least in the increment/decrement mode I use)

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I just looked into the ToB code.

If the current movement is less than the default movement (which is apparently not a global constant), then free action removes opcode 0x7e.

The default movement rate for character animations seems to be 9. (well i expected 12). The movement rate could be 0-255.


So, if you have opcode 0x7e (126) which makes you faster, and you also have an opcode 176 which makes you slower, free action will actually make you even more slower :(

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Odd, because that is exactly what I had, and it seemed to make no difference.


I make armor CHAN04 give effect 126, increment/decrement, -4.


I make a ring of free action, giving only opcode 163, while equipped.


No matter which order I put them on, the character moves speed 5.


I make a halfling; give him 176 inc/dec -2. Have him wear CHAN04S with a 126 inc/dec -2. Give him a bare free action ring. Same result.


Now, you say the code is looks at the 'default movement' - perhaps inc/dec actually changes this, while "percent change" does not. I wonder how I would check that.

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While equipped effects are not removed.

Only duration/permanent effects.


I'm not sure if free action works as 'while equipped' effect.

It seems to be an one shot cure effect.

The ring of free action gives immunity to opcode, that's how it protects against slowness.

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