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Error upon impersonating Greywolf


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I've tried talking to Oublek in Nashkel and claiming to be Greywolf so I get the bounty money, but after Oublek says "Excellent doing business with you Greywolf... etc. etc." it just cuts off, and the message 'NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES' appears (and the continue bar gets a bit messed up also, with dialogue appearing on it). The cash doesn't go into my inventory either.


If it helps, the NPCs in my party are Montaron, Viconia, Kagain, Shar-Teel and Edwin.


(Sorry if this is a known error, but I did a search and found nothing)

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Hmmm... Naia, you are using BG1NPC v11, right?


Tracking it...


OK, we have Dynaheir, Garrick, and Ajantis interjecting into the end of that dialogue. Running through the latest alpha 12 in NI, following the links, seems to indicate everything is in order there;


The only thing I can think of is a messed up interjection reference in v11. I will install it and check as soon as I can. None of the folks in your party have anythig to say to Oublek until Kagain comments on finishing the Prism Quest. I will investigate...

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