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I was wondering, when V12 comes out can i install it over the old version and keep my game intact?

Or will romance/conversation thingies reset and will i have to start over?


I'm only at the start of chapter two right now, so waiting 12 days won't be that hard.. but it'd still be a little hard :(


thanks for the hard work!



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I am sorry to say (and at the same time extremely happy to say :() that you will need to

1. Uninstall all previous versions of BG1NPC

2. delete the BG1NPC folder from your directory

3. install v12

4. start a completely new game.


It will be extremely imprtant to do this; one of our playtesters had some residual stuff left over from a previous install, and it completely messed up her game - badly. And that was just a new game, not a saved game!


Big, significant changes to structure, etc., mean that personally I would (and will:)) go from ground 0 on a brand-shiny-new new install. After all, there are some cool new mods and updates available for Tutu after this summer's work, and I want to be sure i get all the new stuff without old stuff accidentally interfering!

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