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changes in AR0602.BCS

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Are there any other AR0602.BCS modifications except these two?


Exploit to Keep Imported Items At Beginning of SoA


In the very beginning of SoA, the game could be paused while the screen was still black and the player's inventory accessed. The player could drop all items on the ground before the opening script destroyed them. This allowed the player to pick them up after being freed by Imoen and this starting SoA with a full complement of gear.


Files altered: ar0602.bcs


Horn of Kazgaroth Has Only One Charge if Imported


The Horn of Kazgaroth is one of the items that can be imported from BG into BG2. However, if it is imported it only has one charge instead of the intended 30 charges before it disappears entirely.


Files altered: ar0602.bcs


A problem was reported in this thread at SpellholdStudios, some script block doesn't use Continue() and thus prevents the starting cutscene from happening.

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It's not Fixpack. :( The Horn of Kazgaroth fix is a new block added to the bottom of the script. The Exploit fix adds one action to two existing blocks--AFAICT it should only cause issues if someone is using REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK instead of something more robust to alter the same blocks. (As they are the blocks that kickstart the opening cutscene, this is entirely plausible but I haven't seen anything that does it yet.)

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