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Finch's sixth book


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For those of you familair with the Finch NPC, is the book she's supposed to have in her possession when you meet her called "Transcribed Volumes"? The readme mentions she's should have one of the books required to complete her quest on her in Candlekeep. I'm about to get the last book for her quest (in Pelvdale), but I notice that Finch doesn't have in her inventory a bound edition like the other books. In case there's a bug and it's missing, what is the book called so that I can add it via Shadowkeeper? (Or what's the item code so that I could CLUA it in?) Thanks in advance!

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Yes, Finch has a green book called "Transcribed Volumes" in inventory when you meet her in Beregost. I double-checked the CREs, and they all have a copy of the item, so I suspect some other phenomenon, like installing v3 on a game in progress.


If you don't have it, you'll need to CLUAConsole: CreateItem("SUFBOOKA", 1,0,0)

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Okay thanks! "Transcribed Volumes" is in her inventory, it's just that the inventory graphic isn't a bound book same as the other books that she's collecting. So I'm good to go. Thanks again!


Oh, I'm glad it was just the graphic that threw you off and not a technical thing! I picked the notebook-y BAM because these are the books Finch copied while she was visiting Candlekeep. The only thing fancy about them is her penmanship! :p

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Tnx, I found it after scouring the map a couple times. :p


Just thought that I'd share that my plan was originally to have Quayle in the party, and now having just arrived in Baldur's Gate I was going to make a slot for him by dropping Finch. But I couldn't bring myself to do it, hehe! She's grown on me. And when you hear how disappointed she is to learn that she's being dropped... Anyway, nice character you created there. :p

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