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Tweak Pack Question

Guest Splunge

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I have a question about two of the Tweak Pack components.


"P&P Spell Progression Tables" and "Un-Nerfed THAC0 Table, Saving Throws, Grand-Mastery, and Arcane, Divine Spell Progress" have some overlap, but treat some things differently. For example, the first one allows bards to cast level 7 spells, whereas the second goes up to level 8 (I know this from experience). There may be other differences as well.


How does the tweak pack handle this if both components are installed? Which one takes precedence? Or should only one be installed?

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Thanks, CamDawg. Just the answer I was looking for (as usual). :)


But I have to wonder - you act like you know who I am. Have we met before? ;)


Unless, of course, you're confusing me with the Splunge from SP, who is someone else entirely (at least, when I'm not on my meds).



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Just kidding, CamDawg. I am SP's Splunge.


Lord help the world if there were actually more than one. :)


While I'm at it, I have another question. With Baldurdash, we're supposed to instal it before any other mods. Since the Fixpack is weidu, does it matter when it gets installed? In fact, non-weidu mods are supposed to be installed before weidu one's so should the Fixpack be installed after non-weidu mods?

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Wedge it between non-WeiDU mods and before WeiDU mods. While it's written in such a fashion as it could be installed anywhere in the order, it's still recommended to go first. The main reason why is that many mods create resources on the fly by cloning existing BG2 spells or items. If the Fixpack goes prior, they'll clone bug-free resources (i.e. Fixpack stuff essentially trickles down to mods).

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