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G3 Debugging Suite for BG2 v1


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In the course of BG2 Fixpack development, several errors kept cropping up repeatedly--so much so that it became time-efficient to write some automated checking tools. With some polish, these tools are now ready to be released independently so that modders can use them to diagnose issues in their own mods. This suite is not designed for players. Note that the suite doesn't actually alter any game files and leaves no entry in the WeiDU log, so that it can be used at any point in the install order, as many times as needed. If there is interest for the Suite on other platforms (BG, IWD, etc.) it can be developed.


Please note that this tool is not intended for players. It will generate a lot of false positives and identify harmless issues, which will probably convince you that your game is horribly broken when it's not. :mad:


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