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Divine Remix v5 Released


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Version 5 of the Divine Remix has been released. The Divine Remix is a large mod, focused on the divine spellcasting classes (clerics, druids, rangers, and paladins), designed to enhance roleplaying by expanding the options available to players. The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes in Baldur's Gate (via BG1Tutu) and Baldur's Gate II. Version 5 is primarily composed of bug fixes, though the Polish language files have been updated as well. Most notably, eSeries can now use the new Divine Remix spells without crashing (the error was in Divine Remix's spell files).


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Changelog for v5:

  • Curse was lasting seven rounds instead of the specified six rounds
  • Fixed errors where several innate spells were not set to level one; in particular this could cause scripts trying to check for them to crash (i.e. eSeries)
  • Fixed miscellaneous minor errors with spells
  • Spiritual weapons of Lorekeepers, Heartwarders, and Authlims were not flagged as magical, which would cause them to interact incorrectly with spells and creatures that are protected from magical/normal weapons
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks yarpen)
  • Fixed bug where reading kitlist.2da could fail due to changes from other mods
  • Removal of alignment-restricted divine spells is now more thorough to better account for alignment changes
  • Corrected casting time of Strength of Stone
  • Corrected animation effects of Sunscorch
  • Spellbook adjustments for NPCs were not accounting for the new alignment restrictions added in v4
  • Updated kit descriptions to accurately reflect racial restrictions
  • Viconia's kitting is now a more robust check, which should solve the issue of her not being kitted in EasyTutu

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