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BG2 Tweak Pack v3 Released


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The BG2 Tweak Pack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks. Some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install.


This mod works on normal Baldur's Gate II games as well as either of the two Baldur's Gate conversion projects, BG1Tutu (Tutu) and Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT).


This mod includes and deprecates several other mods: the G3 Tweak Pack, the Tutu Tweak Pack, and Wes Weimer's Ease of Use mod. With the first non-beta release both the G3 and Tutu Tweak Packs will no longer be offered for download, though support will continue to be offered for players with ongoing games.


Changelog from v2 to v3

  • Czech, Polish, German, and Spanish translations are up-to-date, with thanks to Razfallow, yarpen, Leonardo Watson, and Immortality respectively
  • Viconia Skin Color Change relies on matching creature names against known srings for Viconia; one string was not being accounted for and was used primarily by EasyTutu cuasing the component to sometimes not work on this platform
  • Fixed bug where Weapon Animation Tweaks could cause crashes when used in conjunction with Weimer's Underrepresented Items mod. The component was not accounting for one-handed staves, assigning them a non-existent attack sequence
  • Fixed bug where Restore SoA Load Screen Logo was failing to install due to bad paths to the shell scripts
  • Shapeshifter Rebalancing will now work if installed after Divine Remix
  • The readme listed a 'hybrid' option for Shopkeepers Have Limited Identification Ability, but no option was actually present. The option is now coded and available. The existing two options had their coded tightened significantly.
  • Added the Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent, Description Updates for Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent Component, Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight, Imoen ToB Dialogue Fix (JCompton), and Romance Bug Fixes (Sabre, Richardson) components from the deprecated G3 Tweaks and Ease of Use. These have been integrated into the Fixpack as fixes, but they're still available separately for players who do not wish to use the Fixpack. The Shadows of Amn World Map Fixes component was not restored; the fixes are already included in Yacomo's worldmap as well as the Fixpack.
  • Fixed yet another Imoen bug with ToB-Style NPCs: the Tutu versions of Imoen were being copied from an incorrect cutscene version of her
  • Items from the Exotic Item Pack will now be usable by all if Ashes of Embers is installed
  • Fixed bug with both of the BG-style options of the Alter Weapon Proficiency System component altering weapon descriptions incorrectly
  • Shadow Armor +3 is no longer subject to the Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P component

Relevant links:

The Tweak Pack is organized into five broad categories:


Cosmetic Changes

  • Remove Helmet Animations
  • Imoen Avatar Change (non-Tutu)
  • Nalia Avatar Change (non-Tutu)
  • Viconia Skin Color Change
  • Avatar Morphing Script
  • Weapon Animation Tweaks
  • Icewind Dale Casting Graphics
  • Restore SoA Load Screen Logo (non-Tutu, ToB required)
  • Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
  • Commoners Use Drab Colors
  • Icon Improvements
  • Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor
  • Force All Dialogue to Pause

Content Changes

  • More Interjections, pka Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections
  • Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues (non-Tutu)
  • Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six (non-Tutu)
  • Improved Athkatlan City Guard (non-Tutu)
  • Gradual Drow Item Disintegration (non-Tutu)
  • Breakable Nonmagical Armor, Helms, and Shields (Tutu Only)
  • Improved Kick-out Dialogues
  • Add Bags of Holding (Ammo Belts and Potion Cases to SoA; Bags of Holding to BG)
  • Exotic Items Pack (Tutu, BGT Only)
  • Reveal City Maps (Tutu Only)
  • Add Map Notes (Tutu Only)
  • Stores Sell Larger Stacks of Items
  • Reputation Resets at Beginning of BG2 (BGT Only)
  • Gems and Potions Require Identification
  • Shapeshifter Rebalancing
  • Multiple Strongholds (non-Tutu)
  • Bonus Merchants (non-Tutu)
  • Female Edwina (non-Tutu)
  • Imoen ToB Dialogue Fix
  • Romance Bug Fixes

Rule Changes

  • P&P Spell Progression Tables
  • Two-Handed Bastard Swords
  • Two-Handed Katanas
  • Universal Clubs
  • Description Updates for Universal Clubs Component
  • Weapon Styles for All
  • Druids Use Cleric Level and Spell Progression
  • Delay High Level Abilities (non-Tutu, ToB required)
  • Change Experience Point Cap
    • Remove Completely
    • Cap at Level 20
    • Cap at level 30

    [*]Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P

    [*] Descriptions Updates for Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor Component

    [*] Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor

    [*] Descriptions Updates for Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor Component

    [*] Expanded Dual-Class Options

    [*] Wear Multiple Protection Items

    • P&P Style Restrictions
    • No Restrictions

    [*]Alter Weapon Proficiency System

    • Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies
    • BG-Style Weapon Proficiencies (with Weapon Styles)
    • BG-Style Weapon Proficiencies (without Weapon Styles)

    [*]Cast Spells from Scrolls (and Other Items) at Character Level

    [*]Un-Nerfed THAC0 Table, Saving Throws, Grand-Mastery, and Arcane, Divine Spell Progression

    [*]Shopkeepers Have Limited Identification Abilities

    • Only mages and bards can identify items
    • Identification based on lore
    • Hybrid

    [*]Multi-Class Grand Mastery

    [*]True Grand Mastery

    [*]Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight

    [*]Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent

    [*]Description Updates for Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent Component


Ease of Use

  • Higher HP on Level Up
  • Maximum HP Creatures
    • All Creatures
    • Joinable NPCs only
    • Non-joinable NPCs only

    [*] Identify All Items

    [*]Easy Spell Learning

    • 100% Learn Spells
    • 100% Learn Spells, Unlimited Spells per Level

    [*] Bottomless Bags of Holding

    [*] Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells (non-Tutu)

    [*] Shut Up "You Must Gather Your Party ..."

    [*] Low Reputation Store Discount

    [*] Unlimited Ammo Stacks

    [*] Unlimited Jewelry and Gem Stacks

    [*] Unlimited Potion Stacks

    [*] Unlimited Scroll Stacks

    [*] Happy Patch

    [*] No Traps or Locks

    [*] Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams (non-Tutu)

    • Original Ease of Use Versions
    • Non-Silly Versions

    [*] Invisible Cloak of Mirroring Animation (non-Tutu)

    [*] Keep Drizzt's Loot, Disable Malchor Harpell (non-Tutu)

    [*] No Drow Avatars on Party In Underdark (non-Tutu)

    [*] Romance: Ignore Race (non-Tutu)

    [*] Romance: Ignore Race/Gender (non-Tutu)

    [*] Romance: Multiple NPCs Concurrently (non-Tutu)

    [*] Romance: Multiple NPCs Concurrently, Say Anything (non-Tutu)

    [*] Rest Anywhere

    [*] Sellable Staffs, Clubs, and Slings

Joinable NPC Tweaks

  • Adjust Evil Joinable NPC Reactions (BGT, Tutu only)
  • Improved Fate Spirit Summoning (non-Tutu)
  • ToB-Style NPCs
  • Consistent Stats: Edwin
    • Use BG stats
    • Use BG2 stats

    [*]Consistent Stats: Jaheira

    • Use BG stats
    • Use BG2 stats

    [*] Change Jaheira to Neutral Good Alignment

    [*]Consistent Stats: Minsc

    • Use BG stats
    • Use BG2 stats

    [*]Consistent Stats: Viconia

    • Use BG stats
    • Use BG2 stats

    [*] Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage (Tutu, BGT only)

    [*] Make Montaron an Assassin (Tutu, BGT only)

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