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End Game Sequence


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It was discussed in the Workroom, but hey, I think it's a neat thing to have, so I'm posting her eas well as a teaser and opinion-gatherer. Obviously, all open to discussion, as have far to go yet before have to write/code all this. I'm currently thinking of the following scenario:


Oswald's ship waits for you in the end of Chapter 6. Take it. Cutscene/Fade to Black.


Oswald initiates dialogue saying that we are in view of Luskan. Pc has the option of asking him to land or give him/her some time to say good-buys. Oswald says he can do a few circles over Luskan. A relatively long timer is initiated.


PC then can chat with every character about their future plans, break up with romantic interstes, what have you.


Then talk to Oswald to intitate landing - or Oswald would crash the ship when timer expired.


Then roll the Epilogues a-la BG2, outcomes for each NPC depending on what was said and done during the game and the end-sequence.


Some other options were:


Formal Interactive: Party atmosphere. Salomeya (either as in-party or nj NPC) sings a song in Luskan Tavern, there are some nonjoinables that come and chat with party memebers and PC, and PC again can chat with every NPC about his/her future plans.


New Quest Interactive: In either Pirate Lord's audience chamber or Hosttower, PC and Co are recieved by a dignitary. Accepting quest results in the "Here we go again" banter; rejecting in the good old PC can chat with every NPC about his/her future plans.

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