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SHS: Sword Coast Stratagems (BGT) 3.0 Final Released

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Spellhold Studios


Sword Coast Stratagems (BGT) has reached version 3.0 Final, which adds a new component (BP Scripting Compatibility), fixes several bugs and generally works far more efficiently than version 2.0


Sword Coast Stratagems is a collection of minimods for Baldurs Gate Tutu by DavidWallace which has been converted to BGT by ronin69hof and pro5. Its main focus is on increasing the tactical challenge of the game, through a combination of much smarter AI and mild increases in the abilities of various creatures.


It also contains several tweak and ease-of-use components, including 'Easier Party NPC Management' which contains 'NPCs go to Inns' and 'Break up NPC Pairs', 'Reduce bolts of lightning damage' and more.


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