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Minor Dialogue Issues


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Two small issues I noticed:


Reedle, the fishmonger in the Bridge District, has dialogue regarding the skinner murders. However, he's still more than willing to discuss the ongoing murders after they've been solved. .d:


// reedle discusss solved murders as if they're ongoing
ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER REEDLE 3 ~Global("MurdersSolved","GLOBAL",0)~ DO 0
ADD_TRANS_TRIGGER REEDLE 7 ~Global("MurdersSolved","GLOBAL",0)~ DO 0


Belmin Gergas, our favorite elf-hater, can end up with ye olde 'No Valid Links' error. His valid state triggers are basically (in order of weighting):

  1. Viconia's in the party and valid for dialogue (only 1 in 2 chance)
  2. Jaheira's in the party and valid for dialogue (only 1 in 2 chance)
  3. Aerie's in the party and valid for dialogue (only 1 in 2 chance)
  4. The PC is an elf (no other checks)
  5. one of three random banters if no one in the party is an elf

If the player has a mod NPC or a multiplayer character who's an elf, Belmin has no valid triggers (except for the one shot NPC banters). There are also issues with the Jaheira/Aerie/Viconia banters--if they're in the party but not valid, or if the random number check fails, he will also have no valid banters.


To always ensure valid dialogue, I would suggest altering the #5 triggers to simply check if Player1 is not an elf. As they're the lowest weighted states, Belmin will still try to spout his NPC and PC-specific lines before going to his standard anti-pointy ears rant.


REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~belmin~ ~!Race(Player[2-6],ELF)~ ~~

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