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Faster Dreams and conversations

Guest Arhurt

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First off, congratulations on all the work the community has done so far. It is amazing and makes a great game even better, but I`m sure you all have been complimented all over and are tired of people saying how much they appreciate your work. So I`ll stop here. ;)



Anyway, I bought NVW2, and although it is a great game, it won`t run on my laptop. So I got my BG2 cds out of the shelves and now I can play it anywhere I want, anytime (hopefully I won`t lose my job for that).


I have downloaded and installed the BG2 Tweak Pack, and I love it. But now my cousin (who has never played BG2 before) wants to play the game, but I think he might enjoy the full Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams. Is there any way to uninstall this feature in particular? Running thetweak pack again only gives me the option of using the silly or non-silly versions...


Again, thanks a lot for the your hard work.


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The option should look like this:


Install Component [Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes and Dreams]?
[R]e-install, [N]o Change, [U]ninstall, [Q]uit or choose one:
1] Originals from EoU (Karzak, Blucher)
2] Non-Silly Version (currently installed)

Entering 'u' should uninstall it.

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