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Install error


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Okay sorry, since you were getting a unix error I thought you might be a mac user.


Do you have full install of the game? I ask because if WeiDU can't find the AREA060A.BIF that it's most likely because it's not on your hard drive. In a non-full install of SoA it is found on CD2 (of the four CD edition SoA).


When WeiDU asks if you want to install Amber you're also asked to insert the CD2 into your CD-ROM drive if you don't have full install:


Note! If you have not done a full install of Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn,

please make sure that CD 2 is inserted in your CD-ROM drive before continuing.


If you have a DVD version of the game inserting the DVD to you DVD drive should do the trick.


However if you do have a full install, then I'm clueless. You could start by checking that BG2/CD2/DATA/AREA060A.BIF is there. Having a multi-install of BG2 shouldn't cause an error like this, I myself have Amber installed on a secondary install of BG2.

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