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  1. Yes that occured to me, but other than the group of men from the UB mod on the second floor their doesnt appear to be anyone else of substance. I tried looking for the said pirate(forgot his name) but I dont see him anywhere and I've looked all over the Docks. I'll try again.
  2. Very funny mod Ok I have managed to get all the drinks save one the pirates brew or somesuch. Anyway asking Thumb about the pirates brew is not an option when I talk to him...Huh Oh and theres a lady outside the seas bounty named Ari that wants a rare drink(Chwisgi) as well. When I ask Thumb about Chwisgi he tells me its for a party and I cant have it and I'm left with repeating myself for options at this point, Am I missing something?
  3. Wow, very ambitious. Hope I live long enough to see it.
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