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  1. Harbinger

    Install error

    Okay reinstalled everything and it works now. Thanks for the replies
  2. Harbinger

    Install error

    Yes I am using the windows version.
  3. Harbinger

    Install error

    Ok I tried this many times, even on a clean install. I keep getting this error message on install: BIFF [./DATA/AREA060A.BIF] cannot be loaded : Unix.Unix_error<20,"stat","./DATA/AREA060A.BIF">. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Yes that occured to me, but other than the group of men from the UB mod on the second floor their doesnt appear to be anyone else of substance. I tried looking for the said pirate(forgot his name) but I dont see him anywhere and I've looked all over the Docks. I'll try again.
  5. Very funny mod Ok I have managed to get all the drinks save one the pirates brew or somesuch. Anyway asking Thumb about the pirates brew is not an option when I talk to him...Huh Oh and theres a lady outside the seas bounty named Ari that wants a rare drink(Chwisgi) as well. When I ask Thumb about Chwisgi he tells me its for a party and I cant have it and I'm left with repeating myself for options at this point, Am I missing something?
  6. As this mod has many different install components. Would it be possible in future releases to have an option to install/uninstall all components like the one used in Ease of Use for example?
  7. Yes I know it may not be practical. But in a roleplaying sense could be a nice feature, ex. Delainy while in Werewolf form gets hit with a Dire Charm spell which can and likely will happen at some point, she causes damage to another character there normally would be a small percentage chance of inflicting lycanthropy. Also someone else can't remember where posted an idea to work it into the romance where Delainy could have a calming effect on pc in those terrible nights when the moon is full, until a cure could be found (side quest). Ok maybe thats a little too deep for a CRPG but I think it would make an interesting plot.
  8. Ok, I suggested this before, but maybe got lost in the shuffle. When you give the monk a weapon they no longer use their kicking attack. Is this possible?
  9. So biting is allowable? How about hickeys?
  10. Yes, DLTCEP does indeed have a dialog browsing and editing feature, its what I use.
  11. Would make my wishlist though.
  12. I Shot the Sheriff Bob Marley, Eric Clapton
  13. Would it be possible to give Stormlords Call Lightning, seems appropriate?
  14. Does that mean what I think it means?
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