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BG1 Alternate Portrait Pack


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Version 1 of the BG1 Alternate Portrait Pack for Baldur's Gate 1 was released today.


The pack includes many new portraits created by various artists for all the NPCs of the game. Many NPCs have more than one portrait. You can choose which one to install when you execute the setup. You can also use this portraits for your own char.


This is a Weidu mod. It's compatible with Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate + Tales of the Sword Coast, BG1tutu and BGT.


The compilation of the portraits was done by Immortality and the programming of the mod by igiTeamBG.


Related links:


* Download from TeamBG: http://teambg.eu/memberpages/igi/mods/Port...rnativosBG1.zip (english)

* Download from Clan DLAN: http://corellon.clandlan.net/index.php?pag...PortraitPackBG1 (spanish)

* Comment at TeamBG: http://forums.teambg.eu (english)

* Comment at Clan DLAN: http://foros.clandlan.net/index.php?showforum=38 (spanish)

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