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Terrible Stuttering (overall slowdown)

Guest Kenzeitak

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Guest Kenzeitak

I had this horrible stuttering where the game hangs for a second every 2 or so seconds making playing almost impossible. Uninstalling any weidu mods and trying one at a time didnt make anything better, luckily i kept an update of the patched override folder, chitin.key and dialog.tlk.


This is how i went searching for the reason for the stutter:

Restored the default override folder

Installed one mod at a time and checked if the stuttering remained.

BGFixpack and BGTweakPack worked perfectly along with Kelsey NPC and Amber NPC.


But! Heres the thing, when i installed Kivan NPC i noticed the reason of the problem. Don't get me wrong i really really like this mod, its great accually =) except for this stuttering problem.


If you want me to send my save file for you to search i can upload it later if you wish!


Regards, Ken

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Stuttering means that Kivan tries to initiate a dialogue and some condition is not met. I tested Kivan with both Amber and Kelsey, but not Fix Pack and Tweak Pack. It might be an incompat. You'll need to send your saved game to me to see what's wrong.

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I cannot replicate the bug from your saves on my install. All characters move and attack normally, and Kivan did not shoot out any of his dialogues. Do both of the saves (Thorogrim and NoMods) correspond to the situation when you have seen stutter in your game? Or do I need to wait for a bit for stutter to start? Or does it happen when you try to sleep the party? I know it's an idiotic question, but I need some sort of leads on what can be wrong.


If you try to force-talk Kivan during stutter, do you see anything other than his normal Player-Initiated Dialogues?

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Guest Kenzeitak

Stuttering was active on all of those savegames, only difference is ive removed all NPCs and all items on some of them. I cant load them at all anymore now, if i do then things get all strange... all mod parts get wrong references. Kivans name became a phrase from a selectable dialogue :p


Stutter was pausing every 2 seconds for a second. Ive restarted a new game and im sorry if im not much help with the old one, i never modified the globals at all, just played a normal game, stuttering appeared after Firkraag. =(




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Okay, you can fix Kivan's name easily enough by initiating a dialogue with him and choosing the "Kivan, something seems to be wrong with your voice." It will reset the name and sound files. That is the result of you unistalling the mods and reloading an old save. Nothing spectacular there.


As for stutter, if it occured after Firkraag, it is likely that one of the following variables did not get reset for whatever reason (they all got re-set normally in my game). Check that:


Global("P#KivanKilledDragon","GLOBAL") is equal 2 (not 1)

Global("P#TazokTalk","GLOBAL") is equal 8

Global("P#KivanConstitutionDrain","GLOBAL") is equal 1


Hopefully one of them is the reason for the stutter (I think the first one is the most likely culprit).

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Guest Kenzeitak

Sorry for the delay.


I just want to post and thank you for the help =), I dont think the Kivan mod was the culprit and ive rerun and everythings working now.


Thanks a lot for the help Domi! And btw good luck with the IWD2 NPC mod :D Im really grateful to install IWD2 again with something new to it, looking forward so keep up the good work :)

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As an aside (and perhaps this should be put in the readme) the same problem can happen in other areas (Windspear Hills, inside Firkraag's lair, AR1202). The same fix works, with some caveats -- I had to reinstall Amber and Xan after uninstalling the paws fix - Amber lost her portrait and Xan lost both his voice and his Moonblade (tragedy!).


It might be a troubleshooting note in the readme for the fixpack as well.

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