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SoA cd1 scratched. ideas?

Gay Lord

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I bought SoA off ebay a year or so ago. CD1 of the set was scratched, and I was going to return it, but at the last minute I was able to get a full install, and figured with the game installed, the cd was a low priority.


Now, a year or so later, with a new computer, I can't get the game to install, either "full" or "recommended". Looking over the files, it appears the data2.cab is the affected file, and that's the largest one. The game installs up to 19% and then stops. I have of course tried cleaning the cd, even gone so far as to use toothpaste and alcohol to no avail.


Out of ideas, I was wondering, if it doesn't break any rules, maybe someone could send me a copy of the file? This is assuming that even with the file I could copy the rest of the cd to the harddrive and install that way. I have no idea if that would work, if there are copy protections on the cd that would prevent it, but it's all I can think of at this point.

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You must install from the original CDs, at least in my experience, though I use a copy of CD2 to keep from scratching up my originals when playing.


Unless there's anyone who knows of a workaround for that, you could try getting the disc fixed, there should be places about where you can do it (some movie rental places have the machines for their DVDs). Even badly damaged discs can be repaired, and it's usually cheap to do.

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