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Believe ive enountered a glitch with Amber.

Guest odin

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Hello all, I seem to have screwed up my Amber romance by some means - I had just stepped off Saemons ship and was greeted with a dialogue from Amber, and another immediately after when resting, about looking at the stars with her (where we are interrupted by another NPC, Korgan) and I believe thats where my troubles started. I noticed afterwards both Imoen and Fade (whom Im also romancing..) would constantly stop walking after giving them a command, wich has always seemed to happen when NPCs are 'trying' to initiate a dialogue - but this time they never initiate a dialogue and never make it all the way to a waypoint without stopping. I started looking at some globals and noticed somehow my M#AmberRomanceActive had been changed to 3, so ive tried a plethora of variable changes to fix the problem all of wich have been in vein.. My party consist of my PC, Korgan, Viconia, Fade, and Amber (Romancing Fade & Amber).


Heres a copy of my latest un-edited save game (I probably made things worse fumbling around with the variables) if anyones willing to shed some light on my problem. http://odins.be/odin/000000009-3.zip I have quite a few mods installed I can list if necessary.


Lastly I would just like to say i've really enjoyed the Amber npc thus far!

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Well I fixed the NPC movement-stopping problem by uninstalling the multi-romance component of bg2-tweakpack, that should have been my first guess. My Amber romance is still broken however, even though the last dialogue (star talk) seemed to go fine?

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Hi, I got your email about the Amber romance issue and I have emailed a solution to you. Currently, while we are waiting for a new version of Crossmod banter pack, Amber's romance will stop and let other modded NPC romances continue if they reach the 'serious' stage. It's up to the player stop modded romances, Amber won't change variables introduced by other mods, just her own.


In other words: if you are romancing Fade you can't romance Amber at the same time. :D

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Thank you very much, I assumed I could romance both Fade and Amber at the same time. Three cheers for Meira and all the time she spends helping people like myself and making this wonderful NPC!





Don't you know that you should never assume anything.<G> And think about it how many women in real life would allow you to romance them and another woman right under thier nose.<G> Haven't seen a threesomes mod out there yet.



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