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Weird kit idea: Greenwood Ranger


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Hi guys, long time not seen!

Here's another kit idea coming from me: the greenwood ranger.




The extremely rare greenwood ranger is indeed the strangest of all rangers. Through urgent prayers to the gods of nature, his body has changed over time and assumed plant-like qualities, which improve his relationship to the plant world, and awards him with remarkable abilities.


The greenwood ranger is coated from head to toe with a thick brown bark, not unlike the bark of an oak, and tiny branches stick out from his torso, arms, and legs. His hair he once had have been replaced by some combination of green vines, moss, and leaves.


Greenwood rangers normally life in the depths of forests and jungles in faerûn, far away from urban areas. For a greenwood ranger, all natural lifes are equally precious: He will mourn for the loss of a tree as well as about the passing away of an human companion.


Sphere Access:

- Major access to the spheres of healing, plant, and weather.

- Minor access to the spheres of elemental (earth), and sun.

- No access to the spheres of all, and animal.



- The thick bark-skin of the greenwood ranger gives him a strong protection against attacks. Just like a tree, the greenwood ranger becomes more resistant over time. After the first-time acquisition of his powers on 4th level, his natural AC improves to 5. For each level afterwards, his AC improves by 1, reaching to a maximum of -6 at 15th level. Furthermore, he only takes half damage dealt by piercing weapons.

- The greenwood ranger can speak with plants. He can call them for help in battle so that they entagle his enemies. The result is similar to the spell "entangle", however, there are some important differences: The greenwood ranger himself and all of his allies are not affected by the effects of this ability. This ability can be used at will, but not casted several times at the same time.

- Greenwood rangers can heal a part of their injuries by sprouting their roots into the earth and absorbing healthy nutrients from the ground. A greenwood ranger can cure 3 hit points per level that way. This ability is useable 1/day.

- On 10th level, the greenwood ranger sprouds a third arm from his torso. The third arm grants him 2 additional attacks per round and also a +3 bonus to all of his hit-throws.



- Does not gain 'Charm Animal' as an innate ability.

- The greenwood ranger, caused by his unusual appearance, doesn't wear any clothing practically and cannot make use of armors, helmets and shields.

- Greenwood rangers have limited weapon choices. They can only use axes, clubs, spears, halberds, quarterstaves, bows and crossbows.

- Maximum Dexterity is 2 points lower than a standard member of the race. Furthermore, they suffer a -5% penalty to stealth.

- The greenwood ranger is extremely vulnerability against fire because of his plant-like anatomy. He suffers 40% more damage from all fire-based attacks & effects.

- He also doesn't tolerate extreme cold well, though clearly better than fire. He suffers 10% more damage from all cold-based attacks & effects.

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Wow! It looks cool :rant:


But I think you should slow his rate of AC Bonus. Maybe it will be better, if it could duplicate barskin spell (but without graphic). And this third arm... I don't know why you give it to him. And it is impossible - because it needs many new avatars.

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