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** Beta Testers **

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If you're interested, send me a PM. Some of you have already expressed interest, and I'll respond shortly. I'll try to add useful information here as it becomes useful for beta testing.



Useful Info



please note that if you are beta testing this mod, you do so at your own risk. I'm pretty sure the risk is low, but I can't guarantee that something bad won't happen to you computer or the data on it.


In order for this mod to work, you need to have IWD1 installed with the
expansion and TotLM (with the latest update). You also need to have
installed with it's latest update. It's very important that you not have any other mods installed (
or otherwise).


Prior to running the installer, make sure you backup the following files from each game: the Override directory, CHITIN.KEY, dialog.tlk. To uninstall the mod, just restore those 3 files and directories from the backup version (there is no other uninstaller at this point in time).


After unpacking the archive, run iw12.exe. Check to see if there were any errors during installation. I'll open up a thread here for feedback.


IWD2 Cheat Modes

to enable cheats: under "[Game Options]" add "Cheats=1".


Hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the cheat console. To enable "cheat keys", type "ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys()". Now the following keys become available:


CTRL + M - Debug dump with area information

CTRL + J - Teleport party to mouse cursor

CTRL + Y - Kill current selected unit

CTRL + R - Heal selected character or portrait


(as well as several others). To move the party to a particular area, use:



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