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SHS: Beyond the Law Moves to SHS!


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Spellhold Studios


This Mod introduces 2 new NPCs to the BG2 Gaming Experience, as well as a lengthy quest that spans most of Shadows of Amn.

- Kova, a mage/thief with an unsavoury baackground and good heart (or so he claims)

- Kiyone, a law-enforcing, impartial (or so she claims) archer


This Mod looks into proving one man's innocence against the odds, and highlights the unlikely yet strong bond formed between the two people, so different yet so much alike.


Kiyone is a top ranger from a group called the Sentinels, with a reputation for being an investigator, tracker, and a capable judge, and was sent South to assist Magistrate Bylanna in hunting down an elusive criminal known as Kova. As a person she is fixated on righteousness, truth and law, and is focused and pragmatic, and her view of emotions is that they only serve to ruin objective judgement and cloud the truth, though she does use them to encourage allies and to ensnare villains. Even as she seeks to uncover the truth behind the case, perhaps she will learn more than she ever wanted to about what she stands for and what it means to be alive.


Kova is a man wanted by many powerful organisations for a variety of crimes he claims he didn't commit, and comes across as cynical and sardonic, unwilling to open himself to others except through jibes of sorts, with a tendency to cautious unenthusiasm about adventuring heroics. He despises himself for being "good", especially as he has been far from it almost from birth, but deep down he hopes against hope that there is a way out, and that there is some truth in the world after all. These same feelings take him down a road he feels would certainly lead to his demise, and for that he despises them even the more.



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