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ARE actor script resrefs


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I though Smoketest noted this in the past, but I can't find it. In BG2, the order of scripts in ARE actor structures is Override - General - Class - Race - Default - Specifics.

0x50 - Script (Override)
0x58 - Script (General)
0x60 - Script (Class)
0x68 - Script (Race)
0x70 - Script (Default)
0x78 - Script (Specifics)

Creature Area scripts can be assigned (via ChangeAIScript()) but are never stored (they'll persist as long as you're in the area, but will be dropped if you save/reload or leave and return to the area).



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Specific scripts are not saved in the embedded creature, but in the area header.
Yeah. The area script is handled entirely in memory, however, and doesn't seem to serve much purpose (probably why it was never used). I would have called it the instance script.


The rest of the scripts are stored in the embedded creature, sucks!
It's actually useful now that creatures can move between areas. Having to try to preserve these in the event creatures move to another area would suck.


I'm just mad because I already went through all the scripts in default BG2 and made sure they were being overridden correctly; based on some of the assignments, I suspected the order wasn't the same, but I didn't know for sure until today. And now I have to go through all of them again.

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