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G3A Version 5 Available

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Version 5 of the G3 Anniversary mod is now available. The G3 Anniversary mod was created by the resident modders on the site's first anniversary as a way to thank our wonderful community. It features one long (and admittedly somewhat silly) quest that can be initiated by speaking a Drini, a half-elf in the Copper Coronet. The new version features many bug fixes from version 4.


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  • Fixed minor errors with area and creature files--this should hopefully clear up the sporadic crash reports
  • Dewny will now wait and not interrupt Keto's opening sequence, if she's installed
  • Dewny is no longer broken by acquiring the Five Flagons as a stronghold
  • Many spelling and grammar errors corrected
  • Closed loophole of initiating dialogue with Scam as he runs away from his larceny to shortcircuit the extended quest
  • Ari now takes the Chwisgi from the party
  • The end of the quest was not clearing one journal entry; this is fixed
  • Fixed bug where the player could not escape the Gibbering Twelve's lair if one of them ran away
  • Streamlined code and shell scripts
  • Fixed bug with Corradun's buddies not disappearing
  • Fixed bug with dwarf in Five Flagons being passed out forever
  • Fixed bug with Drini's initial dialogue breaking if Salvanas was not present

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