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SHS: Darian NPC Mod Announced

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Darian is one of the Avariel, the wary and isolationist winged elves that produced Aerie. He is one of the Talons, an elite order of Avariel warriors that are in many ways the Avariel equivalent of paladins, though the Talons also have much in common with human rangers. He was sent to Myrrhavin to investigate rumors of an Avariel imprisoned within the city, and if appropriate and necessary, effect a rescue. If Charname approaches him, he will request his/her assistance, and afterwards will offer to repay his debt of honor by helping Charname rescue Imoen.


Darian is a closely guarded individual with xenophobic tendencies-he is extremely wary of non-Avariel in general and humans in particular, though he is somewhat more willing to trust halflings.


Aside from his extreme distrust of non-Avariel, Darian is bound first and foremost by duty-he is a sworn defender of Myrrhavin, and will go to any lengths to secure Myrrhavin's security and secrecy from other races, which can at times lead to Lawful Neutral behavior-he can and has done questionable things in the name of duty, and tends to take a cold-hearted view of other races. He will openly admit that he is prepared to take deadly action against Charname and the rest of the party if he judges it absolutely necessary for the security of his home.


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