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Jaemal hails from Mulhorand, a country in the East, where gods and avatars of the Mulhorandian pantheon mix with mortals more freely than elsewhere on Faerun. Jaemal was born with a share of divine blood to a slave woman. A prized possession, he was cut at an early age, in hopes to catalyze the arcane gift not uncommon in beings of such ancestry. While waiting on the magic to manifest itself, Jaemal had undergone a rigorous military training. Finally, Jaemal's innate ability to channel magic did blossom. The priests, who supervise the slave trade in Mulhorand, immediately sold the eunuch to a mage of high standing. Eventually, Jaemal escaped his new master. Enjoying his new-found freedom, Jaemal traveled, hiring out as a mercenary, and, at length ended up in Icewind Dale.

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