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  1. Won't that mean that you miss out on a whole bunch of lore etc?
  2. Probably out of scope, but I think a "Camp like Pillars of Eternity" mod would be perfect. Basically, - Camping equipment added to the game at vendors and in random loot (rare in loot, common/respawning at vendors every so often) - Can only hold X equipment based on difficulty, it doesn't go in regular inventory - All resting has no random encounters, but uses camping equipment This encourages more resource management, reduces RNG bullshit, and makes resting less OP. Are there any good mod making tutorials? I have downloaded some of the tools, but the game's internal da
  3. Sarge945


    Well no, since many BG2 mods simply don't work in IWD:EE, the UI is different, and we need to have seperate character pools and portraits folders. Also, I think there are some kit differences.
  4. Awesome! Now I just have to actually know what any of that means "A Place to Save" can be accomplished by making Taverns "safe save" points. Maybe force a save every time you sleep in an inn.
  5. Sarge945


    Good to see this is making progress, and I look forward to it. I guess I look at the idea behind this mod differently to most people. I guess most people see it as "wow I can play IWD with my BG2 characters and visit the area and do the quests". This is fine. But personally I am more excited by the prospect of play IWD itself as a full game, disconnected from BG completely, but with the BG2 UI, some of it's mods, and without the little rule changes that exist between the games. Basically as a fully unified version of the games, making seperate character and portrait collections redundant,
  6. So I find that Infinity Engine games tend to encourage a lot of saving-and-reloading. Scribing scrolls, rolling to rest, rolling to pickpocket etc. It sort of encourages a bad sort of "quicksave-quickload-quickload-quickload-got it" type of play. I know this is a discipline thing, but I still personally find it very hard to resist doing it. I was wondering if it would therefore be possible to create an ironman mod - no manual saving, autosaves every 5-10 minutes in the same slot. I was also looking to have some options such as only allowing resting in taverns/inns, or implementing the
  7. For IWDEE, the "House Rules" mod does both of these things already. Cool, but they seem like sensible tweaks and IMO it makes more sense to fix stuff like this as part of the one pack rather than having to have a leaning tower of mods. Also, would it be possible to update the text of the Human and other races where it says they can't multiclass but can dual class etc, if we have modified these? Also also, should anyone but Dwarves have access to Dwarven Defender? Maybe it should be renamed to Steadfast Defender or something? I dunno it just....feels wrong. Lastly, some feature
  8. So, after playing the Icewind Dale Mega Mod I think there are some good features in it that should be made available to other games (and to IWD without the rest of the mod). Namely, the Sound Sets should be made available to vanilla IWD (and all it's versions) without the rest of the mod, as it's quite a nice feature and probably belongs in a "tweak pack", especially with better mod support etc From the original mods page: Lastly, and this makes sense for all games, the mod prevents merchants from buying magic wands to stop the "sell wand, buy it back recharged" mechanic. I like thi
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