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  1. I've just received the Armour but can't equip Anomen with it as if i were trying to equip it to an another NPC. Is it a known bug ? Is there something to do about it ?
  2. This evening I tried with both V9 and V10 and in both cases there were no problems. So the problem appeared in V11. @CamDawg : are there any modified BAM between V10 and V11? If so can you give me the names?
  3. Is there any way to get older releases than v12? This way I could define exactly at which point it goes wrong. Like I said with baldurdash it's okay.
  4. The game crashes right after the thief's been burning but before yelling (AHHHHHHHHH !) and receiving the spell (fireball or something). Done. Didn't change anything
  5. I deleted the files from the override folder. I made many tests including with and without some of the graphics parameters. I'm 100% sure I tested with 32 bits colour without effect. As for 3D acceleration I can't remember. I'll do the test again this evening.
  6. I deleted the suspected BAM files : NOK I also try with all BAM files from the fixpack deleted (iscrl5a to iscrl5q, mtang2xx, mwyvg21 to mwyvg24 and both states and states2) : NOK I tried with the option "shivering screen" disabled : NOK Another info : I tried with the non WeiDU baldurdash fixpack (BG2FixPack361) : OK
  7. OK thank you. I'll try it as soon as possible. Probably on saturday. One info that may help with your suspicion : the game crashes at the moment when the screen should begin to shiver (when the rogue dies from the fireball). That said I'm thinking I should try to disable the shivering of the screen...
  8. I don't have TOB. I intend to use widescreen to play. That means after managing to run BG2fixpack. But at the moment I use the native resolution (800x600). I ran once BG2fxpack AND widescreen and it did exactly the same.
  9. Hi, Since last weekend I try to re-install and play BG2 SoA (4 CD european version). For some reasons, the game ALWAYS crashes before the end of the introduction cinematic just before Imoen's entrance with BG2Fixpack and NEVER without it. When the game crashes I receive a popup with this text. I've checked Bioware support for "Assertion failed" errors and this one is not there. I've tried to delete cache, temp and tempsave : exactly the same result at the same moment. I installed the official Bioware patch and only core fixes of BG2Fixpack v13. I'd really like to play WITH the fixpack but here I'm honnestly lost.
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