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  1. It seems to be working now. I didn't ask him about the state of our relationship until after our first "real" talk, and I didn't speak to Lanie before Gavin mentioned visitation. He does recognize that he and the PC are married. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Thanks Berelinde! But the second time through (after the unintalling of BG) we haven't even seen Lanie yet. As soon as I get out of the dungeon I headed right to Gavin. He tells me about Lanie and I open up the PID menu and ask him if he still thinks we're married. He tells me I broke it off. (In the dungeon I recognized the ring as our engagement ring, said I was glad he wasn't captured with us, and greeted him by calling him my love) It's not a huge deal, just rather curious...
  3. Hmmm. I don't know what I did wrong. I originally thought part of the problem was I spoke with Lanie before Gavin told me about his quest to visit her (not much bantering). Then I discovered he didn't think we were still married (even though I chose the whole...this is the ring Gavin gave me to seal our engagement, he should have returned to Beregost and "Gavin my love" greeting. I completely uninstalled BG, re-installed it, patched it, installed the banter pack, Gavin v7 (and here's where the problem may lie) Dungeon be Gone (don't judge me I really didn't relish trudging through the
  4. I didn't read far enough to see any reference to Aklon, but I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says anyway. It appears that he enjoys using the anonymity of the internet in order to tear other people down. There is such a thing as *helpful* criticism, and then there's such a thing as simply being a jerk. I think he falls into the latter catagory. Good luck finishing Aklon BigRob!
  5. ...Just wondering how things are going..?
  6. BigRob...I just wanted to pop in and ask how Aklon's progress is comming along... I've got a big stick (perfect for prodding) and I'm NOT afraid to use it! I hesitate to ask, but what are the chances we'll see Akon this year? Oh, and before you respond, remember my big stick.
  7. To sum up my feelings..... Yay progress!! Boo Aerie!
  8. Hey BigRob! Just wanted to stop by and give you some encouragement. I'm eagerly awaiting Aklon's debut.
  9. Ahh...but with a cliff you can say, "Hey Aerie, do you really want to know what it's like to fly?" *hee hee* *now that's just plain evil* Seriously though, I've got to say Aklon is the mod I'm really looking forward to. Although some mods ended up surprising me. (Edwin comes to mind. Probably one of my favorites at the moment. I never in a million years thought I would like Edwin!)
  10. Oh, (and just speaking for myself here) but if it will get the mod released any quicker, you can skimp on any Aerie - Aklon romance, because the only way she'll get her hands on MY man is over my cold dead body! *laughs manically* *cough, cough* er.. yes, what I meant to say, in a perfectly calm and sane (yes very sane) tone of voice is; keep up the good work BigRob! (oh and I would NEVER, EVER imagine pushing Aerie off of a cliff. How could you possibly think such a thing?!) *goes to find a cliff* what, you're still here? I'm just looking at the beautiful scenery,
  11. Look how patient I'm being, I waited a whole week to post again! I noticed that the last "official progress report" was a month and a half ago-so I wanted to ask: 1) Are you still planning on Aklon being fully voiced? (I really enjoyed his banter in the "ask Aklon" thread) 2) Are you still planning on releasing SOA and TOB simultaneously? 3) What are the chances that Aklon will be released on or before December 31, 2006? (be honest, I can take it)
  12. Hey, I've decided to finally end my lurking and say how much I'm looking forward to this mod. I just discovered the BG series a few months ago (yes, I was living under a rock ) and found it to be okay.... But then I stumbled onto different mods, and wow! I thought because the BG series was older that I wouldn't run out of mods I wanted to play...but now it seems like I'm playing the waiting game. This mod looks so interesting it convinced me to end my lurking ways. I'll try to be patient (what other choice do I have after all) It's too bad I don't know how to do a c
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