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  1. Thanks. I went to EEKeeper to figure out the code and deleted it from the overide folder.
  2. Thanks. Now to figure out how to get back the Potion of Mind Focusing.
  3. Sorry for the noob question cause I am very new to this mod. Potions of Genius and the one that gave a +3 to Intelligence were removed. In other words, it's important to have a mage that has 17+ Intelligence to scribe Level 9 arcane spells (with some Intelligence bonus from Tomes and items)?
  4. Thanks. Was unable to find it via 'Download' on the webpage.
  5. Just like to say that the file seems missing...
  6. Thanks a lot. Especially @Cahir. What do I install first? This mod or Item Revisions?
  7. Hi, I am brand new to the forum but not the game. First of all, great job with the mod. I am loving it. My next question is that I hope to install Item Revisions with this. Will the Item Revisions pick up the new armours, shields, heavy weapons, light weapons etc with this mod? I am not even sure where to ask this question - here or the Item Revisions mod. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thank you.
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