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  1. Sorry, I thought this would be available many times.
  2. Alternatively, you can create spells that use opcode # 326 (326) Apply Effects List to set a variable based on the stat value. Which will be applied once every 6 seconds (or more often, or less often). And through the script, check this value and set the SetTokenGlobal action (You can use Switch().). True, all this will need to be done for each parameter for each party member. And add variable check with OnCreation (). Until I thought of another option.
  3. Link in the first post of this thread. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to do modding at the moment. But there were extra messages when applying effects that appeared in version 2.6. I will try to deal with them. And I will try to add new subraces as soon as possible.
  4. 0x40a8 is: 0x40A8 IsValidForPartyDialog (O: Object*) 0x40A8 IfValidForPartyDialog (O: Object*) 0x40A8 IsValidForPartyDialogue (O: Object*) 0x40A8 IfValidForPartyDialogue (O: Object*) This is not a new (EE) trigger. Therefore, there may still be some kind of error when installing a anyone mod. I think it's worth putting in the override trigger.ids from the original BG2EE.
  5. @mickabouille There is some truth to be learned from jokes too. @DavidW Thank you, I will stick to this installation order.
  6. Most likely, Transition is not the problem. I think there is a mod after Transition that has poor EE compatibility (or not compatibility at all). And it replaces the trigger.ids file. Therefore, EET_end cannot find the triggers it needs.
  7. They are not needed. They break the quest with the prisoners and Gityanki (I don't remember how it is written in English) in the city of the Illithids. Because the Override Script Name checkbox is used there. Because of what scripts do not work. Perhaps it is somewhere else. Sorry for my english.
  8. COPY_EXISTING ~shout.bcs~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Heard(~ ~Global("JTOAD","LOCALS",0) !CheckSpellState(Myself,DEAFENED) Heard(~ END ^ - matches at beginning of line (weidu readme)
  9. @Cahir Thank you for your feedback. Improvements suggestions: 1. I didn't really understand this sentence. English is not my native language. 2. As far as I remember, on the character creation screen, the text is generated automatically. Therefore, it is unlikely. 3. It can be done. But I will have to write more code during installation. 4. I know about aasimars and tieflings (I took from IWD2, there they are subraces of people). But new races with a choice when creating a character cannot be added. Therefore, Planetouched can only be created as a subrace. Addon suggestions: I'm going to add new subraces, but a little later. Now, unfortunately, I don't have time.
  10. I see. Now I'm going to take my half-gnolls for a walk, then I will answer.
  11. Oops. I haven't made half-dragons yet. I'm just going to. And with a choice of colors. But if there are any suggestions, I will always listen.
  12. @Guest Steve Thank you for the clarification. I will study this material. And I'll see what I can do. If possible. And no need to apologize. On the contrary, you gave me new food for thought.
  13. I finally made it to BG2EE version I will try to fix the problems that arose with this version of the game. @Guest steve I don't quite understand what is meant by ancestry (my English is poor). I took all subraces from IWD2, and when I create new ones, I will need the help of the Internet community. I'm still closer to GURPS in board games than to DND. And I would like to clarify the question. @Endarire When the version of the game was the mod was compatible with the games BG1EE, BG2EE, EET and IWD1EE. I received version of games only yesterday. I will check. But I think that it will also be compatible with all the games of the new version. I skimmed the ui.menu and the changes are not very big. After all, the code of my mod is looking for places that seem to have already remained unchanged.
  14. New door at the area. I replaced the ship on the Waukeen Promenade with a ship from IWD2. Made it like a door. Everything works fine in the game. But Near Infinity now shows an error when trying to open a wed file. Although I even manually checked all the offsets. Maybe you missed something? Or maybe you can tell me somewhere I can find functions for editing wed files. The code I used to edit the wed files:
  15. Three functions: FC_EDIT_AREA_DOOR FC_EDIT_AREA_REGION FC_EDIT_AREA_CONTAINER They generally correspond to the standard weidu functions: ALTER_AREA_REGION ALTER_AREA_CONTAINER ALTER_AREA_DOOR but allow polygons to be modified. And the search for the desired structure occurs using a large number of parameters.
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