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  1. I see. Now I'm going to take my half-gnolls for a walk, then I will answer.
  2. Oops. I haven't made half-dragons yet. I'm just going to. And with a choice of colors. But if there are any suggestions, I will always listen.
  3. @Guest Steve Thank you for the clarification. I will study this material. And I'll see what I can do. If possible. And no need to apologize. On the contrary, you gave me new food for thought.
  4. I finally made it to BG2EE version I will try to fix the problems that arose with this version of the game. @Guest steve I don't quite understand what is meant by ancestry (my English is poor). I took all subraces from IWD2, and when I create new ones, I will need the help of the Internet community. I'm still closer to GURPS in board games than to DND. And I would like to clarify the question. @Endarire When the version of the game was the mod was compatible with the games BG1EE, BG2EE, EET and IWD1EE. I received version of games only yesterday. I will check. But I think that it will also be compatible with all the games of the new version. I skimmed the ui.menu and the changes are not very big. After all, the code of my mod is looking for places that seem to have already remained unchanged.
  5. New door at the area. I replaced the ship on the Waukeen Promenade with a ship from IWD2. Made it like a door. Everything works fine in the game. But Near Infinity now shows an error when trying to open a wed file. Although I even manually checked all the offsets. Maybe you missed something? Or maybe you can tell me somewhere I can find functions for editing wed files. The code I used to edit the wed files:
  6. Three functions: FC_EDIT_AREA_DOOR FC_EDIT_AREA_REGION FC_EDIT_AREA_CONTAINER They generally correspond to the standard weidu functions: ALTER_AREA_REGION ALTER_AREA_CONTAINER ALTER_AREA_DOOR but allow polygons to be modified. And the search for the desired structure occurs using a large number of parameters.
  7. I haven't downloaded the new version yet. But at home he was correcting something. In some script, I don't remember exactly, there was a variable name bg_plot instead of bd_plot. And you can also change the ScriptName for Sendai from BG1. Otherwise, Sendai's murder figures in the achievements already in the first part. It doesn't interest me, but suddenly it matters to someone.
  8. tipun


    I don't mind cooperating. But my approach to IWD is somewhat different. There will be another mod that will combine IWD with the BG story. Now I am drawing locations for the mod. But I am always ready for criticism and discussion. PS. What we have now, a trip to the IWD, is only for tests. And in the future, they will be available when choosing campaigns. PPS. In general, my subraces are implemented in a separate mod. PPS2. I started doing IWD1 when I didn’t have access to the Enhanced Editing version yet. So I took the old game as a basis, and then added what was added to Enhanced Edition. And another question for the authors of Unfinished Business. I have included it in my mod. But I would not like to have problems. If there is an objection, it will be deleted.
  9. The failure is most likely due to an empty array. Weidu is a hooligan with this. I'll send Austin the corrected code tomorrow.
  10. tipun


    Нi, @k4trhos. I just have some plans for going through the IWD. but about how to do it, I'm ready to talk. But only to small changes.
  11. I do not know now. I don't have version 2.6+. And I can't say exactly when it will be. Therefore, I cannot check yet.
  12. Perhaps some other mod changed something? I tested on SOD, BG2, EET and IWDEE. It never happened. What version of the game? I have I don't have version 2.6, so I can't check it there.
  13. Never seen a problem like this. I do not have any messages. It’s strange.
  14. jastey is right. Don't confuse this mod with this picture.
  15. Not. I want to make wings for basic character animations that the player can choose. In the same way as in 1pp, wings are made for eriniyes(I don't know exactly how this word is spelled in English ). Therefore, he forbade this race to use helmets.
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