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  1. I didn't read the whole thread. But I saw that it was said here about problems with cutscenes and zoom. Separately, I do not support HoW, but in full IWD this has long been corrected. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will correct the rest of the errors. This mainly applies to IWD2. Since IWD1 is already quite stable.
  2. Hello. I want to say that the mod is not abandoned. I just don't have a computer right now. I'm not used to accessing the Internet from a tablet, so now I'll just say that as soon as the computer returns to me, I will try to take into account all the comments and suggestions. And also to make the display of characteristics the way they will be in the game. And now they are different. After all, all the properties of the subrace are applied after the start of the game.
  3. Yes, I talked about mods from arcanecoast.ru. Yes, mod links would be nice. Thank you.
  4. No, not Heart of Winter alpha. I meant IWD1 and IWD2 for EET. And they are now available to play. But there should still be one mod that should combine the plot of the IWD with the plot of the EET. But it is quite large in volume and is not ready yet. Therefore, a small mod is now available that adds a character that sends to the IWD. But now there is no such fusion of plots that I plan. The other two mods you mentioned I saw once. But a very long time ago. Will need to download again.
  5. No, I did not touch the characteristics of the original NPCs. But I have an idea to improve MR and similar effects with level up. But that will probably be in the future. As for the description in the readme, as it will be in time, I will definitely check it. Thanks for pointing this out. Actually, I was doing the Subraces when I converted the IWD2 for the EET. But then, for some reason, I decided to separate them into a separate mod.
  6. I didn't change the resistance etc. with standard NPCs. They add some abilities, such as Fairy Fire for Viconia, the display of the subrace in the Character Record, and the ability to check the subrace in scripts/dialogues. This needs to be checked. Perhaps I made a mistake in the description. Because I took subraces from IWD2, and there, as far as I remember, when translating values from DnD3 to ADnD2.5, the value must be multiplied by 5 (in most cases).
  7. I have never tried lefreut's GUI myself, but it should work now. There were two problems. Table name (corrected). And adding actions to interface elements. Now it doesn't matter if actions are located on the same line or not, they are added normally.
  8. The mod has finally been updated. There are no new subraces, and no changes to existing ones. Since most of the changes relate to compatibility with different GUIs. Version 0.3.0 Rewritten ui.menu patching code to be more compatible with GUI mods Added French translation The subrace was added when creating a Random character in the Tipun's and Dragonspear++ GUI
  9. Mod updated. There was a problem with the second component.
  10. GUI mod is ready. Wrote in a thread about him. Now I will redo the installer code for the Subrace mod. To be compatible with all GUI mods.
  11. So the mod is finished. Russian and English languages are available. Mod link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OsBt2-jrLQP2F-Jn7dsX1vhIzz0xg1n4/view?usp=sharing The readme describes many innovations. As well as the installation procedure. But just in case, I'll duplicate it here: And a small request to those who will use the mod, check the English text. And in the readme file too.
  12. Yes, only in Russian. Now I am finishing the translation into English. And need to add a readme file. I'll try to release tomorrow.
  13. I got a little carried away creating my GUI mod. And I moved away from the subraces. One of these days the GUI will be ready and then I'll take care of the subraces.
  14. @jastey Got it, thanks for the info. As an example, the C#Solaufein_PCIsDrow variable can be used to check the PC subrace. Although in my IWD2 mod, for which this mod was created in the first place, I do not use additional variables. Everywhere I use TriggerOverride. By the way, Solaufein himself can also be subrace, just as I did for Viconia and Baeloth. Then it will also be possible to define him in scripts/dialogs as a drow. This will identify him as a drow if your mod is installed with my mod IWD2. There are several subrace checks for the character who is speaking.
  15. BG does not support subraces. Therefore, the character's race is used as usual (human, elf, half-elf, etc.). The mod adds only the effects of the subrace and a local variable by which you can find out the subrace. I think that a half-drow, half-moon elf should have an elf race. We need to think about it. Wow. I didn't even know))
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