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  1. I lost my token and noticed the ablity is missing to produce another like there is for wolf and bear. Is there a way to get it back without cheats/editors? Why is it like this and not like wolf/bear?
  2. There is no explanation for it that I know of. That's just what the devs decided in BG2.
  3. I've just finished BG1 content with her at level 10 and did not dual class her. Will she be as she should when starting BG2 content, or will she be some sort of mongoloid dual classed from a level 10 thief?
  4. I recently began my first run of EET and recruited Viconia during BG1 content. She did not have her updated stats. I've now just begun SoD content and she still did not have her updated stats. Having just realized this, I've changed them with EE Keeper to what they should be. She should have 18 Wisdom and 65% Magic Resist, but only had 15 Wisdom and 50% Magic Resist.
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