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  1. Going nowhere atm, sorry.  Too much is going on right now. I keep trying to get to it, but life has other plans :(    Hopefully the chaos will calm down soon.

  2. Navarra is being tested to make sure all the new content is working properly but is still not ready for a release. I haven't worked on it in about 6 months for personal reasons but plan on diving in hard once my house is unpacked.  Time isn't on my side, however, since my grandson will be home schooled because of the covid-19. I really want her done, too many years have passed now since I started her.

  3. I_C_T AMCLER01 8 KKcleric
    == KKCAL25J IF ~InParty("KKCalin") InMyArea("KKCalin") !StateCheck("KKCalin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~You did a wonderful thing, I only hope it helps ease this poverty.~


    I assume this is the ICT but, I don't see anything here that would cause him to leave or a mention of his ring. Thoughts?

  4. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.  I will look into it tomorrow and see about fixing it. Thank you Jastey for trying trying to help :)  I'm very tired, the move was draining but I promise I will see about fixing it asap.

  5. Thank you!  The car broke down twice, the second time it broke for good. The transmission blew in the middle of a snow storm. And that wasnt even half of it but, we are alive and safe. My grandson was very brave through it all but my dogs were scared lol. We have no car and are broke but our lives mean more and we have those and a lot of hope. There is no where to go but up now 🙂

  6. I just moved to Montana and it was a nightmare trip. My moniter was cracked also, thankfully I have my laptop. It's harder to use for me but at least I can get back to modding. It should be easier to do that now since I left my husband. Very hard to write a romance when you are subjected to abuse but I know I can do this and I will. SO, just a little more patience please.

  7. I don't have one yet, sorry. Had a few set backs due to that pesky thing called life getting in the way. 😀  Please use the section I set aside for Navarra here http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?board=125.0   for questions, comments as I don't know if  using Calin's is acceptable/allowed and I post everything related to her there. I'm so glad you are interested, and a tad excited 😛 , about playing the mod. I will do my best to get a playable version as soon as possible. But, she isn't close to that point yet.


  8. If anyone finds any bugs and or problems, please post them here. There is a hurricane headed right for me, unless the path changes, and I probably won't have any power for a bit. Last time was 10 days, the time before that, 3 weeks. In the even it happens, I will take care of anything that comes up, just please know that it may take awhile.

    Dorian decided not to destroy Florida after all 😛 So, no worries, we;re safe and I'll be around.

  9. I'm sorry, it isn't in an alpha stage. I started it years ago and stopped to take care of my grandson. But, things happened along the way and I am no longer capable of writing a romance. That's why the TOB part of Calin's is so bad. And it is bad..... I thought I could finish it if I removed the romance but.... I can't.  Maybe after more time passes and I'm not so, well, messed up by what happened.  I really am sorry, I had even written a romance years ago  between her and a certain NPC if she wasn't a match for the player and really did what to finish it. I just need some time to heal and maybe I can. I hope you understand.


  10. Sorry it took so long to see this, busy trying to get my grandson ready to go back to school :(  I'll look into this right away.


    OK, I fixed it. Silly error on my part, so sorry. Uploading it in a few minutes :)

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