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  1. Well, I can't say much about Diriel and why I like him so much on this forum, due to spoilers. Maybe when the public version is released. I'll be interested to see whether he is still popular after people play with him. However, I think I can safely say that he is a different flavor of elf, so I don't think a romance involving him would be too repetitive. In a way, I wish I could write one for him, but I know nothing about coding and really have no desire to learn. The romances that are in the mod are actually pretty good though, from what I have seen. I have only gone through in-game with one, but I read the dialogue files for the other. I don't think people will be too disappointed.
  2. Those portraits look really awesome. I just now downloaded them and am gonna put them in my game! I wish there were a full-fledged romance for Diriel. Weirdly enough he became my favorite character. He amuses me greatly. I like the others though also.
  3. I wasn't actually thinking that Miranda would go with selling her child. However, if you are going to the lengths of hiring an assassin it's not going to be that large a stretch to hiring a kidnapper and selling her off. And her mother as well, should she choose to interfere. Or, in either the assassin or kidnapping scenario, the PC could play "rescuer" to get on Gavin's good side. Of course, if Gavin found out about it I am sure he would be outraged, but that's half the fun. I'm just looking at it from the perspective of my evil PC, who's main motivation is to make as much money as she can to retrieve Imoen as soon as possible. Not that she cares about Imoen, but it's a personal insult that the cowled wizards took her. Besides, that Irenicus had some very interesting things to say...
  4. If you want to add in another option besides killing her, perhaps you could sell her into slavery. That guy at the Copper Coronet (forget name but starts with L) might be a contact for an evil PC. Or it could involve one of the guards on the slaver ship. I mean, may as well turn a profit if you are going to get her out of the picture.
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