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  1. If you are looking for anime with tentacles, umm you are probably thinking of "La Blue Girl". But I can't say I seriously recommend it. If you do decide to watch it, please note it is *very* graphic so you may want to keep that in mind if you have small children around. I personally chose to watch it drunk with a bunch of friends. Uhh now back to your regularly scheduled mod discussion.
  2. It worked for me. Now I am all ready to go with a new game.
  3. Figured I would post here also. Same problem on a clean install. Just goes in an infinite loop and never installs. I tried updating my version of Weidu (though I am not sure I did it right) but no dice so far. Right now what I have installed is... BG 2 ToB Latest Patch G3 Fixpack Xan NPC Romantic Encounters Kivan NPC NPC Flirts Seems like a pretty different install then the above poster but getting the same error.
  4. Sent them back just now. Maybe Silver can have dibs on the Diriel-initiated ones when they are ready for proofreading?
  5. Slap/pinch him on the rump? Only if it gets him annoyed though. Otherwise where would be the fun?
  6. Yeah almost everyone would disapprove or might have a comment. I think exceptions would be Rizdaer, Nikosh, and maybe Prachi. I think you can have many objections, but you will just need to try to make sure they don't all come at once.
  7. Another quick idea, perhaps he could ask the player to go look at an interesting plant/animal track/whatever and use that as an excuse to touch her. Or vice versa. I think it's kind of in-line with his other stuff.
  8. Ear flirts aren't exactly my cup of tea either. Seriously though, almost every elf romance has them. Tsujatha, Xan, Kivan, think Amber mentions it if you're an elf. Hmm...I'm not sure on Tashia it has been awhile since I have played her. Anyways that is why I listed them as standard. I don't particularly care if they're included or not, just figured they must be a popular request since they are in so many mods.
  9. Again, I am not the most romantic soul... The standards of course: 1. kissing 2. hugging 3. holding hands 4. ear flirts (seem popular for elves) One thing you may want to include is glances. Since throughout the game Diriel is watching charname, I would imagine that she catches him with his gaze focused rather intently on her at times. Possible PC responses: blushing and dropping her eyes, returning an interested look, sticking her tongue out at him, etc. Also, is he making notes in a research notebook? If so, perhaps the PC would want to ask him what he is writing so much about in there. If Diriel is supposed to be good with herbs perhaps he could make some form of lip balm to keep the PC's lips from chapping. I think it would work as repeatable since you would want him to reapply it now and again. Considering how cold it is in Icewind Dale, it is only logical that he and the PC would, shall we say, share body warmth. This could be just being near each other, snuggling or something more intimate. A weak ploy for some snuggle time, but hey, whatever works. After the commitment stage of the game, I can see him becoming even more concerned about charname's welfare. After all, at this point he does have a vested interest in her survival and wellbeing. Would he become more protective? Perhaps chiding her to take better care of herself in battle, giving her part of his rations (or even hunting up something fresh), making sure she has plenty of blankets at night and gets a spot close to the fire, or something similar. I'll second the tickling also. I think because Diriel is presented as such a controlled person that it is a huge temptation to get him to submit to his emotions. When he does let his guard down I could see him getting pretty passionate. I'll think of more tomorrow. Those are what came to me today.
  10. I'll have some ideas posted tomorrow. It will give me something to do during work other then wishing I was somewhere else.
  11. I see what you are saying with it now. I wouldn't change behind to posterior. That part was pretty clear. What is unclear is her motivation. She says that "I have a feeling you are going to need them soon." So, umm, why? Either she is psychic or she intends to do something to him that would require him to put leeches there. I'm not really sure it needs a rewrite though. I'll have to think for a bit if you want an alternative.
  12. Salomeya-PC talk: "But you...You are smarter than I credited." PC option: "That's better! I'm starting to get tired of the derisive glances and snorts." I think it makes more sense if you use, "I was starting", but up to you on that one. PC option: "Very well, we will play your game, for you are made for games. I shall now pretend to be ignited to the better and bigger deeds by your brief pause, and its quick withdrawl. You don't really need the word "the" there. It is fine just with "ignited to better and bigger" or you could use something like "ignited to perform better and bigger". Peony-Nord talk: "Mystra forbidd." Got an extra letter d at the end of forbid. Salomeya-PC talk: "The backwater hens..." You can either remove the "The" or you can use the word "These" instead. Also why is the PC going to need leeches for his behind? I'm not really sure what she is saying here. It does lead to some interesting images though.
  13. No valid reply or links in my game when force-talking Diriel. Save game will be mailed here shortly. Edit: I see that this was already fixed, but read it too late. Just ignore that and the email.
  14. Heh, my PC decided to have a melt-down. It's fixed now though and I'm going to start this run (for real this time) later tonight. It's been hard to motivate myself to do it since I don't care for Salomeya at all, and Peony isn't my favorite character either, but I will get it done.
  15. I wasn't thinking about you modding the OC at all. I'm not actually sure it is legal to mod it and distribute it. I was just talking in general. Besides, the OC is going to be continued in the expansion, so any modding to it would be risky with respect to storyline.
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